The Taco Bell Experience


It was during lunch one day at Taco Bell when I had this experience. For some time, I knew God had called me to branch out into pastoral ministry. But I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when, and I had very little sense of direction. I had been praying and studying the Bible, really seeking direction for my life and ministry. I had been serving at Prayer Assembly Church for some time, and everything was going fine there. But I was restless. And there was something down on the inside that was working; a personal dissatisfaction with how ministry in my life was going: there was something more I had to do.

So there I sat at Taco Bell looking down at my Bible and enjoying my regular taco, when suddenly I glanced up and noticed something really weird: everyone in the room had a glow about them. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and still everyone standing in line to order food and all the people eating their food in the restaurant were glowing. Then I noticed every car passing by in both directions had a glow about them too. What in the world was going on?

That’s when I heard God impress a thought on my heart: “These are the people I’ve called you to reach.” It was with that conviction that the process began. After speaking with my pastor and leadership team, I was granted sabbatical status in April 2012 to prepare for Valley Fellowship Church becoming reality. Since then, we’ve spent our time preparing for this church, strengthening our marriage and family, getting our financial house in order, and most importantly sensing from God his direction for this ministry.

Janet and I attended ARC‘s¬†church plant training, and we’ve been moving forward every since. The rest of our story could include you. Would you consider being a part? After hearing¬†our opportunity available, we think you should be a part of making Valley Fellowship Church a reality for years to come. Join us as we give life to the valley!